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Copy album

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I just ripped my CD in MediaMonkey. Now I want to copy the album as ripped in MM to my USB stick. What is the easiest way to do this? I want it to stay together as 1 album and not individual songs. Thanks
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Re: Copy album

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You can do that in few ways:
1. Select All tracks on album -> Right click on One -> Auto-Organize -> Copy To new destination -> Select Destination main path of USB (eg. e:\) -> Change Destination Mask to "<Artist> - <Album> [<Year>]\<Track#:2>. <Title>" (below you will see ho they will be named on USB) -> Disable Add to Library and press OK
2. Create folder on USB where you will store music -> Select All tracks on album -> Right click on One -> Send To -> Copy -> browse to USB and folder
3. Setup USB as Sync Device. Takes a bit more time to setup at first but then after you have set it you can easily auto sync new files to drive either automatically following syn criteria or by Select All tracks on album -> Right click on One -> Send To -> Sync (DEVICE NAME)
4. You can also Select All tracks on album -> Click and Hold on one track -> Drag and Drop to Open Windows Explorer folder where USB destination is open
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