Is there a quick way (shortcut) to rate tracks?

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Is there a quick way (shortcut) to rate tracks?

Post by Vladimir »

Been a Mediamonkey user for years but only just trying out Android version for the first time.
Is there a shortcut or addon that allows the user to rate the currently playing track?

I only really rate music on my phone (rather than the desktop), and it would be handy if there was an option to rate it from the now playing screen (and lock screen even). I know it only saves going through a couple of menu options but would be super handy when listening to 100s of new tracks!
It is easy and fast on the desktop version but I never actually sit down at my PC and rate songs.

Are "addons" even available for the Android version?
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Re: Is there a quick way (shortcut) to rate tracks?

Post by Lowlander »

Tap Artwork on Now Playing screen to reveal Rating and you can change it there.
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