Just wanted to say Thanks for MM devs keeping us informed!

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Just wanted to say Thanks for MM devs keeping us informed!

Post by tbessie »

I have to say, Media Monkey is one of the only products that I own where the developers keep the product's users so very well informed about what progress they're making, what bugs they've fixed, etc. Short of giving us access to your bug-tracking system, they've done a praiseworthy job of staying in close touch with their users.

Here's to them! *raises glass* :-)

(This may be in the wrong forum, but this is the forum where all the status posts on MM4 are, so it seemed appropriate)

- Tim

Post by opitzs »


MM4? God I must have had a hell of a black out... ;)

But yes, I want to take part in saying thanks, it is a great relieve to mostly be able to see, where development is at the moment, you have a feeling of things moving forward, so that the remaining errors are not that bad...

Big Thanks From Me!

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Post by MusicBringer »

Hear. Hear. :P :lol: :P
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Ha! I meant MM3

Post by tbessie »

Yes, I meant MM3, of course. D'oh! :-)

- Tim

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Yeah, cheers to devs :P
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Cheers, judas
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A tick in every box.
Thanks Rusty and the development crew
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Post by TwiztidSinz »

Agreed.... MediaMonkey 3 is the best and most useful music manager and player I've seen.. and it just keeps getting better and better as they near an official release.

Keep up the excellent work everyone! :-)
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