try ripping from Internet Radio

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try ripping from Internet Radio

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I use Radio Tracker to rip played tracks Worldwide. buy the program and that's it. There's a trial during which you can rip a handful of tracks.

It offers a Wishlist and you can monitor your favorite stations. Not all artists are played so it's hit or miss.

Sometimes there's DJ chatter and it collects duplicates (like AC/DC's Hells Bells ... I collected over 20 copies in a month) .. even though it tried to avoid this, the naming of songs is inconsistent. OMG..... I just got another copy of Hells Bells today and it's playing right now!! ThankfullyMM helps sift through the dups. There's a feature to edit out the DJs but I haven't had a chance to learn it.

It tags Album Art, Lyrics and Year for many of the tracks.

Most of the music dates are recent but my Wishlist includes artists from the 50s,60s,70s too and their music has been rereleased.

Check out customizable Internet Radio sites and (my son's recommendation I haven't tried). Slacker allows selection of the artists (and it may insert similar ones) for each of what appears to be an unlimited number of channels. It's more like subscription music (and to go if you buy their player .... iffy since it's brand new)

As a side note, I'd been using Yahoo Music Unlimited To Go since May so I could take my 500+ tracks along with me. Then Yahoo closed the door on all players but the Sansa Connect and I said Adios to Yahoo.