One database, Two Computers?

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One database, Two Computers?

Post by Petitwazoothorn »

Hi, been using MM for around 15 years and have approx 400K music files (it's playing all day).
At present my files reside on a WD MyCloud NAS and I access them from my home office, via a Windows PC upon which my MM4 database resides.
I've recently had a kitchen refurb and want to listen to music there also, I have acquired a Microsoft Surface Go tablet which I intend to install MM5 on to.
If I then migrate my existing MM4 database onto the NAS, would I be able to have both machines looking/using the one database or is that just asking for trouble?
The fall back would obviously just be to have each unit have their own 'local' database. Just a thought!
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Re: One database, Two Computers?

Post by Lowlander »

I'd personally keep the database local and use Media Sharing instead, but you can do this: ... vironment/
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