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List of All Scripts

Post by tommae88 » Mon Sep 26, 2005 8:32 pm

This thread is deprecated. All new scripts/skins/plugins and other add-ons should be posted to the addons repository:

Thank you!


==============Original post below==================

Hm, it was mentioned that someone should compile a list of all of the scripts that have been dedicated to MediaMonkey, and I was bored tonight, so I decided to at least give it a shot, hopefully I can keep it up to date with all of the scripts that have been made. I should be able to at least get all of the scripts done, but the references will take me a while to say the least, lol.

Now, keep in mind I haven't actually used all of these scripts, I'm just going by my general assumptions when i read the posts, and hopefully I'm fairly accurate when I try to tell people what the script does. If I'm not, please comment and inform me of my error.

Another small note, I'm adding everything here so it may be a tad confusing. By everything I mean everything from the smallest little tid-bit (small parts of larger scripts) to full scripts, but I guess that is what was suggested, so hopefully it isn't too difficult to plow through.


Peke has made a wonderful webpage that hosts several of these scripts as well, so I'll post the URL here too: If you are looking for something this is a good place to start, along with the developer's page as well: Anything referenced to these two sites.

Anything that is referenced to these sites that I haven't already added won't be added anymore, so visit these two sites before all others if you are looking for something specific, I haven't found any other developers' sites yet so just leave a comment if you want your site posted as well.


Script: Magic Nodes
Description: This is probably the most versatile plugin utilized by MediaMonkey. It's main function is to add "nodes" to the folder tree, which are in turn used to organize and search the music database, essentially creating an unlimited amount of versatility.

Script: Modify Track Behavior
Description: This modifies track behavior when a specific track is getting modified. Such a change could include opening a track in a different program such as a track editor, or by default, winamp.

Script: Swap Artist and Title Fields
Description: This little script swaps the title and artist fields in your music database. Implemented in 2.5

Script: Track Playcount Reset
Reference: Post #s: 6, 13 ... 7&start=15 Post #: 1
Description: The first script resets the playcount of one track, and the second resets more than one track, giving you a fresh start on your collection, or just ridding you of a song that keeps popping up in your "Favorites" list that you are sick of.

Script: Album Art Location Script
Description: This script exports the filename and location of the album art saved to a song into one of the database fields, could be handy if you have your album art saved in multiple directories.

Script: Duplicate Titles Search
Reference: Post #: 5
Description: This searches for duplicate items in the database, but they must have both Artist AND Title fields the same, not just one or the other. Apparently it can be quite lethargic on large collections.

Script: RadioFreeMonkey
Description: This creates a "Radio" node, which is basically a randomized song list, but the script also takes ratings into account (a 5 star song is more likely to get played than a 1 star song, etc.) Very useful, the general idea is implemented in 2.5 now.

Script: Hide Node
Reference: Post #: 5
Description: This hides a node that is viewable in the folder tree, the default behavior of this script is to hide the location node.

Script: Album Artist Node [outdated]
Description: This creates a Album Artist node, but the use of this script is now greatly diminished with the powerful aforementioned MagicNodes.

Script: Windows Scheduler
Description: This script should be started after MediaMonkey has been started. In using this script you are creating scheduled tasks that sets a time that a certain playlist should start, viable options with this script are alarm clocks, timers, etc... Very handy.

Script: Add Web Contents *VERY UNSURE*
Reference: Post #s: 5(not entirely usable), 6, 7
Description: This is not an entire script as it pretty much does nothing of value on its own, what it does do is allow for further customization, and it adds a web contents panel, which ends up displaying song information in a highly organized format.

Script: Artist Listing and Summary *INCOMPLETE*
Description: This script exports all artist info to web panel. Along with this it creates a summary of the albums that they authored, appeared in, and the songs that they wrote/made. A suggestion in Post #2 makes it seem if the script could be refined to an extent, but it is usable in current form if my assumptions prove to be correct.

Script: Total Track Play Length Report
Reference: Post #: 15
Description: This adds a Total Song Length when reports are made, it is defined by the number of songs selected when the script is executed.

Script: Genre Shortcut Hotkeys
Reference: Post #: 10
Description:This binds user defined keys to automatically transfer your view to the specified genre. Default behavior is as follows:
  • Ctrl+Alt+1 = Rock
    Ctrl+Alt+2 = Rap
    Ctrl+Alt+3 = Dance
    Ctrl+Alt+4 = Country
    Ctrl+Alt+5 = Reggae
    Ctrl+Alt+6 = Hip-Hop
    Ctrl+Alt+7 = Alternative
    Ctrl+Alt+8 = Comedy
    Ctrl+Alt+9 = Soundtrack
    Ctrl+Alt+0 = Pop

Script: Rating Hotkeys
Reference: ... c&start=15
Description: This script lets the user choose hotkey combinations that will allow him/her to modifty the database entry regarding rating, ultimately ending with a rating from 1-5, I believe that the default behavior is to click 1-5, no key combinations needed, very useful for quick ratings. (I already have all of mine rated, that's why I haven't used this script). There is also a similar script on the page preceding this one, but this seems a little more user friendly with the prelude to the script, just my opinion though, so i thought I would mention the original script.

Script: Multiple Scripts Regarding the Play Count
Reference: ... sc&start=0
Description: There are two scripts at the front of the page, the first lets the user define a playcounter for selected songs and the second completely re-establishes the database playcount by setting all equal to 0, so be wary when using that script, later on more are mentioned that I'm not going to delve to deeply into, but if you are looking to modify the play count of a certain song this is the thread you should look at. Hopefully you'll find something that suits your needs!

Script: Varying Album Art Views
Reference: Post #: 4
Description: This script is slightly complicated for the user, but it eventually gives the option to view the album art for a specified song with a few different methods, the three mentioned are via HTML link, opened in browser by a MediaMonkey node, or by the command menu. It appears as if it may be updated at some point to open the album art in the MediaMonkey embedded browser.

Script: Autocue Playlist
Reference: ... c&start=15 Post #: 3
Description: This script starts with a user playing a playlist, once the playlist has finished another playlist will start automatically, ala autocue. This creates an unfinishable playlist, while still retaining the order of your original playlists.

Script: Multiple Album Disc # Fix
Reference: Post #s: 1, 5, 7
Description: This changes an album from something like: Best of (disc 1), Best of (disc 2) and so forth, to a much more organized theme, where it is all under one disc. Most users still want to know if there are multiple discs though so it adds a special feature that changes the track number - say it was track 7 on disc 2, the track number would become 207, or say it was track 9 on disc 3, the outcome would be track 309 if I understand the concept correctly.

Script: Number Tracks
Description: If I understand correctly, this script numbers tracks, or deletes track numbers that the user has previously defined, i'm not entirely sure of its use though as I have never used it, and haven't seen any feedback regarding it either.
ResumeMan wrote:I figured I should offer some feedback.

This is actually two scripts in one package, "enumerate tracks" and "kill leading numbers."

Enumerate does something similar to the auto-number script that now comes installed with MM. I only tried it a time or two and thought the built-in one worked better, so I haven't really explored it.

What Kill Numbers does, if your track title field is like "1. song A" "2. Song B" rather than just "Song A" and "Song B" the script removes the number, the dot, and leading spaces.

Because of the specifics of certain of my recordings, I have found this to be extremely useful on occasion. It works just as described, and has been very helpful. It's kind of a specialized application but if needed it's just what the Dr. ordered.

Script: Album Volume Leveler
Reference: Post #s: 5, 12
Description: The script in post number 5 levels the volume of an entire album, and the second script levels entire albums out of an entire collection. To use this script you must analyze the volume of all of your tracks first, it should work after you have completed this.

Script: Integrated Browser View
Reference: Post #: 2
Description: This script creates a menu item that opens a html document in the MediaMonkey embedded browser, the link will be available under tools/scripts. The default behavior is to go to

Script: Find Icons
Reference: Post #: 2
Description: This short script shows the number assigned to all icons used in the folder tree view used in MediaMonkey, along with the pictures that they are assigned to. At least, this is what I believe it does without actually testing the functionality of the script.

Script: Export Now Playing to .TXT file
Description: This little package exports the currently playing song information to a text file, which the inventer then had sent to his signature in his email's, I'm unaware of how to do this, but I'm sure someone can find it useful, make sure to look at post #2 as it contains pertinent information.

Script: Re-order Tracks
Reference: Post #s: 1, 3, 12 (final), 13 (bux fix)
Description: This nifty little piece of text reorders the tracks that are not yet part of the library, it only works on tracks that have been selected, make sure to look at the latest version lower in the thread to avoid any problems.
Octopod wrote:Just wanted to mention it works with tracks that are or are not part of the library and if no tracks are selected, the current track list is used.
However, a similar script will be automatically released with MM2.5 (but with mine --latest version-- you can choose the starting value as well as the increment between the tracks )

Script: Album Art as Wallpaper
Python 2.4.1 or greater
Description: This is a definite piece of work that displays the currently playing song's album art as a tiled wallpaper, it definitely takes a little bit of time to get working and probably quite a bit of space as well as each has to be turned into a .bmp, but to some I'm sure it will be worthwhile.


Okay, I have to go work on some other stuff right now, I'll post this much though just so people can start to comment on it, any suggestions are welcome, I'll try to implement as many as humanly possible when I'm back at it. My completion level is near 1 page, please tell me if I have missed any major scripts.
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Post by rovingcowboy » Wed Oct 05, 2005 10:23 am

you forgot to add in these scripts.

Script: Set Tempo
Reference: ... 4725#24725


mm 2 script
a script to automaticly set the tempo's of your song files. you want to put it in either your auto scripts folder or just the scripts folder of media monkey. you can go to the first page of the thread to find out how to make it work in other ways.
This Tempo script needs to have a BPM in the songs properties.
after you click the tempo script link it will.
adjust the songs in the background.
but you need to restart media monkey for it to write them in the properties for the song.

If there is no bpm in your song you can use the other script posted at this link also. which is called.

Script: Multiply BPM
Reference: ... 4725#24725

also posted at
Reference: ... 4614#24614
mm 2 script
used for adding BPM to your songs. I have modified it to work automaticly as in you just need to click the links for it. just put it in the scripts folder and then use the tools/ scripts/ menu link to make it work. it will add 57 bpm each time you click the link. you need to have a song selected or it does not do anything.

I did not code the scripts just modifed them to work for me. if you can not get the orgianl one to work in your system then try the ones i modified.

but these are a must have pair of scripts

Just found this one myself i knew he did it but lost his url i should have lookin here. but if this bpm script just wont' work for you either the orginal one or the one i modified then try this one at this url. ... 7336#77336

one of them has to work for you.. this set tempo scripts needs a bpm in to work so check both this bpm scripts to get one that you can get working on your system. i did not test it i just seen it is another way to get bpm in your songs. 8)
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Post by rovingcowboy » Mon Oct 10, 2005 10:36 pm

Script: playlist randomizer add in for the windows scheduler version 1 or other playlists scripts
Description: randomizes the playlists so they don't keep starting on the same song all the time.

this randomizer seems to be only a mm 2 script when used on other playlists,
but not in a windows scheduler version 1 script controlled list.

the version 2 of peke's script is in the link below and does not need this randomizer.

both scripts done by peke

Script: windows scheduler script
Reference: ... +scheduler
the link to this use to be a locked in place thread for pekes version 2 script.
the link in the long list of scripts at the start of this all scripts thread is
the post of his version 1 of the script.
i don't know why this link was taken off the of the locked threads.
but since i use this and tell others to use it that want its features,
i thought i would make it easy to find and put it back in this post for peke.
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W. Kyle White
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Field Modification Script

Post by W. Kyle White » Thu Nov 10, 2005 3:48 am

I'm not sure if my script is clean or understandable enough to be up here, but give it a look

Script: Field Manipulator
Description: Several functions to modify and swap Album, Artist, etc.

it has quite a few different functions including swapping a variety of fields, adding a number value to selected track numbers, replacing a string in a field, saving categories (mood, tempo, etc) as a string in a field, and replacing a field with a combination of strings and other fields.

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Post by Risser » Thu Nov 10, 2005 8:46 am

Script: Title Case
Description: Sets title case for Artist, Title, Album Name and Album Artist, using standard grammar rules. It takes into account punctuation, most acronyms, and roman numerals. It's customizable to include "forced-case" exceptions, such as non-English words or words you'd rather have always be a certain case (ex: vs., ft., ELO, BTO, KoRn, and so on).

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Post by Risser » Thu Nov 10, 2005 9:28 am

Two new scripts:

Script: Complete Albums
Description: A script that creates a "complete album" node below the album node that shows only albums that have all the tracks present.

Script: Various Artists
Description: A script to create a Various Artists node that includes Compilations and Mixes, using codes in the comments of the songs to build and maintain this lists. This allows songs to be added and removed without affecting the structure of the compilation/mix. It also allows songs that may exist on both an album and in a compilation, or on multiple compilations, to be included in both places without needing to keep multiple copies of the song.

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Post by Octopod » Wed Nov 23, 2005 6:11 pm

This one is a bit old but it still works (made for MM 2.2, i use it every day) :D

Script: Selection of the Day
Description: Each time you start MM, an album, an artist and a bunch of independent tracks are randomly selected and stored under a specific tree node (namely "Today..."). It is also possible to force a new selection at anytime (icons in toolbar).

Nota: the 1st version only intended to manage fully accessible libraries; as requested a 2nd version has been proposed to filter CD tracks but no feedback (both work though buit i don't know if the CD tracks filtering really works as expected...).

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Post by margu » Wed Dec 14, 2005 11:03 am

Script: NowPlaying
Description: This script will collect the Title and Artist information from current playing track and save them to a textfile. Beside the above info it will also get the rating of the song, the status of MM-player (paused or stopped) and the MM-version and write it to this file either.

I don't wanted to use AMIP because it is too overwhelmed for my needs and I only need this textfile to integrate in the signature of my mailprogram.


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Post by trixmoto » Wed Dec 14, 2005 3:30 pm

This is an updated list of all my scripts so far (in the order created). Installers for all my scripts can be downloaded from my website at, please also check here for new releases.

:) Many scripts will need updating for MM3, the status will be shown in red.

:) Scripts which are a single script file will generally have the most recent version of the code in the first post.

Fix Trailing The (added 03/11/2005) - Released

Find Missing The (added 05/11/2005) - Released

Fix Playlist Dups (added 08/11/2005) - Released

Video Node (added 10/11/2005) - Released

Clear Now Playing (added 22/11/2005) - Released

Previewer (added 23/11/2005) - Released

Import M3U (added 28/11/2005) - Released

A-B Looper (added 30/11/2005) - Released

Inline Lyrics (added 04/12/2005) - Released

Cue Reader (added 09/12/2005) - Released

Delete And Skip (added 14/12/2005) - No longer needed

Make Trailing The (added 14/12/2005) - Released

Advanced Rename (added 15/12/2005) - Released

Backup Playlists (added 20/12/2005) - Released

Import MPC as TXT (added 21/12/2005) - Released

Unicode To Ascii (added 06/01/2006) - Released

Lyric Timer (added 13/01/2006) - Needs updating

Combine Albums (added 16/01/2006) - Released

MusicMatch Ratings (added 17/01/2006) - Released

Bookmarker (added 21/01/2006) - Released

Backup (added 24/01/2006) - Released

Auto Album DJ (added 24/01/2006) - Released

Advanced Report (added 28/01/2006) - Released

Google Art Finder (added 02/02/2006) - No longer needed

Split Artist Title (added 21/02/2006) - No longer needed

Back Button (added 01/03/2006) - No longer needed

Album Art Tagger (added 09/03/2006) - Released

Shortcut Creator (added 10/03/2006) - Released

Browse By Art (added 25/03/2006) - No longer needed

Batch Art Finder (added 07/06/2006) - Released

PPS Launcher (added 11/06/2006) - Not tested

Print Track List (added 21/06/2006) - Not tested

Missing Album Art (added 03/07/2006) - Not tested

Batch M3U Creator (added 17/07/2006) - Released

Just List Albums (added 18/07/2006) - Released

Missing Cue Sheet (added 23/08/2006) - No longer needed

Missing Lyrics (added 23/08/2006) - Released

Calculate Cover Size (added 07/09/2006) - Released

Un Auto Organised (added 17/09/2006) - Released

Just List Artists (added 20/09/2006) - Released

Move Files (added 29/09/2006) - Released

Dance Events (added 10/10/2006) - Not tested
[Custom script - unreleased]

Monkey Rok (added 13/01/2007) - Released

Txt Importer (added 21/02/2007) - Released

XSPF Creator (added 25/02/2007) - Released

Genre Finder (added 01/03/2007) - Released

Clear Field (added 07/03/2007) - Released

Duplicate Report (added 26/03/2007) - Released

Undo Auto Organise (added 17/05/2007) - Not tested

Recreate M3U (added 18/05/2007) - Released

Location Report (added 04/06/2007) - Released

Enqueue Albums (added 05/06/2007) - Update necessary

Disc Splitter (added 12/06/2007) - Released

Import XMCD (added 13/06/2007) - Released

Custom Report (added 17/06/2007) - Released

Similar Artists (added 18/06/2007) - Released

Discography Report (added 22/06/2007) - Released

Remove Prefixes (added 03/07/2007) - Released

Now Playing FTP (added 19/09/2007) - Released

iPlaylist Importer (added 26/11/2007) - Released

Randomise Playlist (added 26/11/2007) - Released

Find Protected (added 29/11/2007) - Released

Find Sync Dups (added 04/12/2007) - Released

iDate Added (added 05/01/2008) - Released

MusicIP Tagger (added 10/07/2008) - Released ... =2&t=30994

MP3Tunes Locker (added 24/03/2009) - Released ... =2&t=38272
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Download my scripts at my own MediaMonkey fansite.
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Mike H
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Podcast script

Post by Mike H » Thu Mar 09, 2006 8:59 pm

Here's a first draft of a podcast plugin script - it's not thoroughly tested yet, and needs the bugs shaking out, but if anyone would like to give it a go I'd like to hear your feedback.

Just posting here and over in the wishlist topic for this feature.

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Post by rovingcowboy » Thu Apr 13, 2006 4:42 am

Script: Automatic Rating of Songs.
Author: DiddeLeeDoo
Reference: ... 41&start=0
Description: this runs in the background while playing music with media monkey. will auto rate your songs for you it allows you the options to set the time it checks the last played dates as far back as you want to go.

the author has put instructions in it also to allow you to see where to change the time limits for what time limits you can change.

this is working good with my system.

I rovingcowboy only did limited testing of the above script.

mm 2 script

Companion Script To Above
Script: Automatic Rating of Songs Catch UP Script
Author: DiddeLeeDoo
Reference: ... 7379#47379
Description: Diddeleedoo says this is just to use as a script to make playlists of your top rated songs for now. more on what it does in his post of it.

mm 2 script

all testing on this one was done as the with his other scripts he did most the testing i just checked on my computer.

roving cowboy / keith hall.
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Script: Pandora pop-up window

Post by revbob » Thu Apr 13, 2006 9:31 am

I've posted a script that integrates the Pandora "intelligent radio" site with MM:

Pandora is a free web-based service that lets you set up virtual radio stations that play only the music you like. Seriously. Check it out:

The script lets you put Pandora into a popup window in MM. As Jello Biafra said, give me convenience or give me death. Optionally you can edit the script so that it brings up Pandora in your default web browser instead. Why use a popup or your default browser and not MM's built in browser window? So you can keep using MM while you listen to one of your Pandora stations.

Now with the Pandora Node and the Streams Tree Node at you never need to leave MM to listen to music.

p.s., I'm not affiliated with Pandora and I don't benefit in any way if you use Pandora or if you don't use Pandora. But if you want to send me some money for no reason, you can. :wink:

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Post by rovingcowboy » Fri Apr 28, 2006 9:36 am

Script: Top 40 Weekly Report
Author: DiddeleeDoo
Referdnce: ... 824#p44824
mm 2 script
Adds a top 40 button to the menu bar the icon looks like 3 pieces of paper.
you click that button and it pops up a window then you choose the week you want the report for.

and you get it for the top 40 songs of that week you chose

this works in my winxp,
i roving cowboy / keith hall only tested it


Below is Not really A script but is a group of scripts

this is how to do it with msacess database which is only used in mm 2
making it the way of doing it with free mm2 version.

not needed with the sql database of the mm 3 gold version auto playlists they do it.

Script: Automaticly updated Top of the Charts Playlist
Contributing Authors: 1. Diddeleedoo 2. Steegy 3. Peke
Referdnce: ... 4983#44983
this is the message in which is stated how to set up an automaticly updating top of the charts playlist, it shows you the scripts to use and tells you how to set them up.
to have a playlist where only the songs played in your chosen time line will be in the top of the charts list and have a correct play count for those songs in that list.

this is how i roving cowboy / keith hall am doing it and how i been trying to get working for the last year or two.

thanks to all the contributing authors for their hard work.

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roving cowboy / keith hall. My skins ... =9&t=16724 for some help check on Monkey's helpful messages at ... 4008#44008 MY SYSTEMS.1.Jukebox WinXp pro sp 3 version 3.5 gigabyte mb. 281 GHz amd athlon x2 240 built by me.) 2.WinXP pro sp3, vers 2.5.5 and vers 3.5 backup storage, shuttle 32a mb,734 MHz amd athlon put together by me.) 3.Dell demension, winxp pro sp3, mm3.5 spare jukebox.) 4.WinXp pro sp3, vers 3.5, dad's computer bought from computer store. )5. Samsung Galaxy 5 Android 5) 6. amd a8-5600 apu 3.60ghz mm version 4 windows 7 pro bought from computer store.

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Post by DiddeLeeDoo » Fri May 26, 2006 8:47 pm

Script: Resume Playback State at startup of MediaMonkey
Author: DiddeLeeDoo

Suitable for when you want MM remember where you left a song when closing MediaMonkey. Playes where you left a song, and Pause a song where you left it too at MediaMonkey startup.

Script: Take out low rated songs from the Now Playing list
Author: DiddeLeeDoo
Reference: ... &start=271

Takes out low rated 'Album Fillers' from the Now Playing list.

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Post by Big_Berny » Sat May 27, 2006 3:38 pm

Script: AutoRateAccurate
Author: Big_Berny
Description: This script rates your songs automatically with informations like Playcounter, DaysInLibrary, PlayedPerDay, LastPlayed and SkipCounter. Additional the script has some feature like SkipDetector (detects if you skip a song. A lot of skips = decrease of rating) with a button in the menu to (de)activate quickly, KeepManualRating (ratings you set by hand will never be overwritten) and Auto-Calibration which adjusts the algorithm so that you never get too much low or too much high rated songs. Optionsheet included.

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