Scrobbler [Updated 11/27/2014]

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Re: Scrobbler [Updated 11/27/2014]

Post by Lowlander »

It is. Which version of MediaMonkey and scrobbler and is it enabled to scrobble?
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Re: Scrobbler [Updated 11/27/2014]

Post by kosticr »

I have long given up on attempting to scrobble using Media Monkey, but is there any way i can submit my 2k+ cached tracks?
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Re: Scrobbler [Updated 11/27/2014]

Post by Peke »

Only if you have not scrobbled any tracks meantime with any of your devices :( Last.FM limitations.
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Post by MoaM »

My scrobbler constantly says "Failed" and that it's going to cache the track played. Do I have to open some specific ports in Windows firewall or something?
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