Duplicate Report 3.0 [MM2+3]

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Re: Duplicate Report 3.0 [MM2+3]

Post by chrismix »

Great script. Couple of questions.

Is there a way to not show groups where all the flags are SOFT? Is it possible to enforce the length rule so that if track lengths are more than the specified difference in seconds they aren't grouped as dupes?
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Re: Duplicate Report 3.0 [MM2+3]

Post by Laser94 »

I know this thread has been dormant for some time however, I'm new to MM and am hoping someone can give me some guidance regarding how to use the script properly to have it actually delete any duplicates. I have a rather larger Library and took the time to run the script, listen and tag all my dupes however I expected when I got to the end to have an option to delete the dupes but that wasn't the case. Will MM remember what i've tagged? Was hoping that might be the case and that there might be an option so next time I run the script I can set the options to delete the dupes that I previously tagged? If this is the case what do I need to set within the script options to have it delete anything I've tagged as a dupe? I spent about 16 hours tagging duplicate files and sorting what I want to keep so I'm really hoping that I can somehow use this report to delete the tagged files.

Sorry if this is a "newbie" question but any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Duplicate Report 3.0 [MM2+3]

Post by Twatson1022 »

I installed the script but i cant seam to find it and run it

Re: Duplicate Report 3.0 [MM2+3]

Post by Guest »

Go to File > Create Reports
Rob Simon

Re: Duplicate Report 3.0 [MM2+3]

Post by Rob Simon »

Is this program still available as an add-on for MediaMonkey, and may I get answers to questions here? I find no conversation about this program for the last 12 years?
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Re: Duplicate Report 3.0 [MM2+3]

Post by Lowlander »

Yes, checking the website it's still available for download: https://www.rik.onl/mediamonkey/search.php?all=scripts

What MediaMonkey itself offers: https://www.mediamonkey.com/support/ind ... ate-tracks

Alternative: https://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewt ... =2&t=13000
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