Depth of Library Tree

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Depth of Library Tree

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Trying to consolidate nearly 2k of scattered music files to a single drive. Brought in from several sources (Amazon, iTunes, CD.). Largely converted to mp3. I can view all these files, but the transfer has brought in a bunch of multi-level parent-child type file folders.
I can't successfully play any of these transferred files. I've looked at the Knowledgebase file "Why is music greyed out/Fails to play", but my skills are such that I can't figure out what the problem might be.
Attached file shows a section of the tree with one section fully expanded. Do I have to many layers? Should I pull out the actual music files and move them up the hierarchy? Perhaps I need to start over. I've preserved the original materials. This approach certainly seems to fail.

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Re: Depth of Library Tree

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Folder hierarchy shouldn't matter. What matters is that the Path MediaMonkey shows for the file is the Path where the file is actually located on your PC (this may not be the case if you moved/renamed files after you scanned them) and that the file type is playable ( ... -dont-play).
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