"unit not writeable...cause not reportable"

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"unit not writeable...cause not reportable"

Post by peppergomez »

MM latest version just stopped burning to a CD-R disc, when it was doing so successfully yesterday. I have tried several different blank discs, same problem. An error message briefly appears before MM shuts down, mid-burn. I can't recall the exact words but it is saying that the unit is not writeable and the cause it not reportable. Rebooting doesn't help.

Windows is recognizing my rewritable drive without any issue.

Can anyone assist?
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Re: "unit not writeable...cause not reportable"

Post by Peke »

This is strange, Can you please open support Ticket and supply us with debug lg as described at https://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewt ... p?f=1&t=69
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