Synching with iPhone IOS 10.3.3

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Synching with iPhone IOS 10.3.3

Post by BHealthy »

I have iTunes on my computer and on my iPhone but, every time I get a new computer and restore from a backup, iTunes looses all my playlists.

Currently, the playlists are on my phone but not on my computer, which was recently restored.

I am looking for something to replace iTunes on my computer.

Will MM import the playlists from my phone or will I need to recreate them?

If my computer dies again (it's old, Windows 7), will MM still have my playlists when it's restored?

Will MM synch with the phone which is IOS 10.3.3? When I look at the sticky with the compatible IOS for Apple it only lists 9.

If MM will do all those things, I'll buy it.

(I don't need MP3/lossless management, I only need something to manage my music (which is mostly uploaded CDs and a few tracks downloaded from Amazon) and my playlists and not lose them when I change computers. All my music is currently in iTunes on my computer.

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Re: Synching with iPhone IOS 10.3.3

Post by Lowlander »

MediaMonkey can't import Playlists, only the media files: ... to-your-pc

If you maintain a backup of the database you can restore your Playlists: ... ey-library

MediaMonkey generally syncs with all versions of iOS. If the newest version isn't supported yet, support generally will be coming not too long ahead. Do read on the Sync forum prior to upgrading iOS or iTunes to make sure MediaMonkey supports it if you plan to sync.
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