MiniLyrics lyrics download is flakey + setup forgets player

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MiniLyrics lyrics download is flakey + setup forgets player

Post by paddymcq » Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:42 pm

Maybe somebody can help me or has similar experience with MiniLyrics. doesn't respond to my support messages on their webpage nor to their support email address. Has Crintsoft gone out of business? I am running the latest MiniLyrics embedded in the latest MediaMonkey on two Windows 7 PCs and have for many years.

Problem 1: The downloading of lyrics from their server(s) has always been a bit of a crapshoot. Months go by without a problem. Then for a week or so, I'll get error messages that the download failed. Then it is fine again for a few more weeks or months. It seems to have gotten progressively worse over the last year. This has occurred on 2 different networks/ISPs and on 3 different Windows 7 computers using the same basic setup and anti-virus. My internet connection otherwise works reliably for browsing and downloading elsewhere. This time around, it's been over 3 weeks without being able to download lyrics.

During some download outages, the MiniLyrics "Search Lyrics" dialog list is empty and I also cannot upload lyrics to their server. During other download outages, such as the one I'm experiencing now, the Search Lyrics dialog list is populated with lyrics to download as it normally does but when I select and Open one of the lyrics files, the Search Lyrics dialog closes and no lyrics appear in the Lyrics Editor. Several minutes later, a pop-up window appears saying "Error Code 17, Internet connection may be down, no such host is known." Oddly, I am able to upload lyrics to their server during this scenario.

Problem 2: On my home theater PC, the MiniLyrics' "Setup" dialog appears nearly every time I launch MediaMonkey after booting up, forcing me to select MediaMonkey from the list of supported players. On the other PC, MiniLyrics doesn't ask me anymore (after the initial setup) and it works perfectly. I have uninstalled/reinstalled MiniLyrics and I have compared the two PC installations and see no difference. How do I get MiniLyrics to remember the player settings on the one PC?

Thanks in advance.


Re: MiniLyrics lyrics download is flakey + setup forgets pla

Post by Evolution » Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:19 am

Minilyrics server go does time after time after time that is why download fails. To check the status visit

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