Synchronizing 2 Copies of MM on Two Machine

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Synchronizing 2 Copies of MM on Two Machine

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Hi There,

I am seeking some advice. I have two copies of MM4, one on my Home PC and one on my work PC. Both are portable versions. I have a database with 18,000 tracks. The actual tracks are synchronized using a program called FreeFileSync using Windows Remote Destop. So I have no problems with keeping the tracks updated.

But what is the best way to keep both MM the same? Is it just a matter of copying over the DB file and the INI file?

As the files will always have the correct tags is there a script that updates the MM database rather than the database update the files.

Hopefully I have not confused you. I am just trying to ensure that hours of work updating tags on one PC is not undone on the other PC.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
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Re: Synchronizing 2 Copies of MM on Two Machine

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It "might" work somehow, but you would likely need to change the drive ID (SysInternals can do this) on one of the computers to match the other one so both
computers would be able to properly interpret the same database. ... s/bb897436

There is a database, ini, etc. backup script, but it just backs stuff up for safe keeping and doesn't sync between 2 drive's databases or allow use of 1 for both. ... f=2&t=7746

There is a script to change driveID in the database but not the drive itself.

Even if you get the ID thing righted, I'm not sure you could use one .DB and one set of files for both computers with remote desktop.

If you think you can figure something out to try, let us know and make sure you back everything up first (media files, key program files, etc.).
....and "attempt at your own risk".
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