Freeze During Rescan In "Show Art" View

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Freeze During Rescan In "Show Art" View

Post by FB5150 »

I am using MediaMonkey on Windows 7 with my collection of around 70,000 MP3 and FLAC files stored on a network SAMBA share. All tracks are stored in folders based on album, the only other file in each album folder (apart from MP3 or FLAC tracks) is a 300x300 JPG image of the album cover, always named "folder.jpg".

I can consistently cause MediaMonkey to freeze during an "Add/Rescan files to Library" operation if I change the view into "Show Art" mode and then view an artist where I have added one or more new albums.

If the rescan has already gone past that artist, MM will try to (I assume) cache the album cover art of the new albums, but the new album covers won't fill out and it freezes. If I quit MM and go back in, the album art will be there.

I have only noticed this issue recently (certainly only within this version of MM) and if I scan whilst in "Show Details" mode, it is usually okay. However, I have also managed to freeze MM by switching to "Show Art" mode after a scan has finished and then going to an artist where I have just added one or more new albums - again, MM locks before populating the new album art.

Any suggestions, please?
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Re: Freeze During Rescan In "Show Art" View

Post by Lowlander »

I suggest you capture it in a debug log (step 4b) and send the log to support for developer analysis:
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Re: Freeze During Rescan In "Show Art" View

Post by Firence »

Happened same to me.

I send it, thank you lowlander
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