Clearing the music cache

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Clearing the music cache

Post by mjmahelsky »

MediaMonkey has been great on my Surface2, especially compared to the other music apps. My only problem has been clearing the music cache when I change microSD cards (where my music lives). I've set the 'remove unavailable' switch to 'on' when I scan for music; however, the albums often do not get removed. So, thenI have a mix of loaded albums and album covers of former albums (which were removed with the SD card).

I figure until the update comes out which hopefully will fix this problem, I'd like to empty the cache manually. However, I can't find it. Anyone know where the MM music cache is located?

Re: Clearing the music cache

Post by multiSingularity »


I'd also like to clear the cache... any ideas?

Re: Clearing the music cache

Post by Squadromeo »

I'm experiencing the exact same behaviour. It doesn't matter which device is used, a Surface, Surface RT or Surface Pro 3. When deleting movies or music which are stored on the SD card, they will remain visible in the library.

Could that please be fixed.
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