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Re: ios 8 sync

Post by m_bojangles »

I have installed iTunes 11.4 and MM beta build 1717 (as portable). I can't synch anything... MM acts like it's synching, but then nothing appears in phone music library (iPhone 5s on iOS 8.0 using Win 8.1 Pro). Do I need to actually perform a synch in iTunes 11.4 before this will work?
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Re: ios 8 sync

Post by rctechy4 »

I have iTunes 11.4 and MM build 1718 and was able to synch. Got my playlists and songs, did not have to go thru iTunes - (iPhone 4s on on iOS8 with Win 7)

Great job MM team!!!
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Re: ios 8 sync

Post by Robbieboy65 »

I updated to ios 8 a few weeks ago, and of course immediately regretted it, not least because it mucked up what was previously a pretty reliable MM sync process. I have been trying the various MM 'builds' and updates for ios 8 sync, including the most recent, which seems to sync pretty reliably. The major issue for me (as a pedantic person) is in relation to the artwork that syncs to my iPhone 5s. I will try to be clear and precise here:

When you tap the 'Music' icon in iPhone 5s, there are a number of tabs at the bottom, namely Radio, Playlists, Artists, Songs and 'More'.
Each time you sync a playlist to iPhone 5s, iTunes generates (or is supposed to generate) a 'generic' pic of the artist which can then be found under the 'Artists' tab. For example, the one for The Beatles is a later-era shot of the fab four.

My sync to iPhone 5s (using MM tags the playlists with the correct artwork. For example, if I sync The Beatles 'Rubber Soul' album, under the 'Playlists' tab all of the tracks for this particular playlist are listed in the correct sequence, each track being tagged with the Beatles 'Rubber Soul' artwork. Under the 'Songs' tab all songs are again listed and tagged with 'Rubber Soul' artwork (alphabetically, as is correct for this particular tab). However when I look under the 'Artists' tab, instead of finding the generic 'artist' pic of the Beatles what has been synced is merely the Rubber Soul artwork.

I have also had some other erratic behaviour when synching with previous builds/updates e.g. I have synced several different playlists by several different artists and afterwards there were no pics under the 'artists' tab, then several days later for no apparent reason the pics artists appeared. I have also found that removing one of the playlists on my iPhone has resulted in artwork for other playlists being stripped from the iPhone.
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Re: ios 8 sync

Post by DungHo »

Hi everyone. I can't seem to sync my ipod touch running IOS 8 with MM 4.1.5 . It's even recognizing the device. am I missing an add-on ??
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Re: ios 8 sync

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