Itunes M4a not supported

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Re: Itunes M4a not supported

Post by noesis »

Hi everyone.

I've spent a hard time trying to make my MM play .m4a files. It would always ask me to download quicktime.
First I installed QuickTime from the apple site. Didn't work, it would still ask my to download it.
Then I google a little and found QuickTime alternative (which seemed like a much better option!!! without all that apple software update, etc bullshit). Same thing.
Then I tryed to install the mp4 input plugin for winamp ( ... Winamp.htm). MM would tell me att startup that I needed to have iTunes install in order to use iTunes plugin. And still the same.
So FINALLY, i noticed that in the readme file of this plugin there was a link for another plugin download for iTunes unprotected files, so I tried it and IT WORKED!!!!

So my conclusion for those who can't play .m4a files with MM:
-try downloading quicktime
or (preferably) quicktime alternative ... native.htm
and see if it works.

-If not, install download this plugin and put it in your MediaMonkey/Plugins folder.

Good luck =)
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Re: Itunes M4a not supported

Post by Ponyexpress »

Hi, I installed the m4a plugin file in the folder of Plugin in the MediaMonkey folder and I already can play files aac with MM.
I have a Creative Zen and I want to transfer files to my Creative using MM. With mp3 files, I don't have problems, I can tranfer mp3 files
with success.
With m4a I can't. The MM allows me to transfer m4a files to my Zen but when I search these files in my Zen using MM, the folders are created but the files aren't.
But when I use Windows explorer to get into my Zen and I search the files m4a, I have found them. When I play my Zen, neither I found them.

Can anybody help me? It is my first post, thanks for reading me.

Re: Itunes M4a not supported

Post by franzag »

edgarslick wrote: ... Winamp.htm
DL the plugin and just copy paste to your mediamonkey plugin folder. I scoured the internet for other solutions but found that this seems to be the only way (for now) to be able to play my M4A files through mediamonkey. I got the beta version of the plugin, works fine and i dont get the "update to latest quicktime..." error message anymore.
+1 to this, works perfect.
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Re: Itunes M4a not supported

Post by zephyr »

Old thread! So here we are, 2013, and maybe many of you don't care 'too much' about the formats in your library.

It would be good, I think, to convert my m4as to MP3, because (first reason) then MixMeisters BPM Analyzer can analyze them!

Is it worth the effort? Is loss of quality unavoidable? Can all metadata and even playlist entry / playcount info be retained?

Thought I'd ask, in case there's any knowledgeable wizards in the neighbourhood.


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Re: Itunes M4a not supported

Post by nohitter151 »

zephyr wrote: Is it worth the effort?
That's hard to answer, depends on the person.
zephyr wrote:Is loss of quality unavoidable?
Yes. Any conversion lossy to lossy will result in quality loss. That being said, you may not notice it. You can only be sure by trying it.
zephyr wrote:Can all metadata and even playlist entry / playcount info be retained?
If you do it from right within MM, and choose the "Replace existing file" option, then yes.
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