MM3 says "Background Tasks Running" When I Close

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MM3 says "Background Tasks Running" When I Close

Post by latinmusiclover »

If I run MM3 and look at tracks, play music, etc. and close, MM3 closes without a warning.

If my 4G SanDisk Cruzer is on the system, even though it doesn't contain any music files and isn't part of the database, and close MM3 I get the "Background Tasks running" warning. No matter what I do MM3 locks up(Not Responding) and I have to close it down using the Task Manager.

It seems to only happen when my SanDisk Cruzer is attached. Presumably, MM3 is checking the SanDisk Cruzer and that is what is causing the problem. Is there a setting that I can disable so that it won't check the SanDisk Cruzer?
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Post by cadmanmeg »

Maybe two things I can think of is that it is still somehow linked in reading files on the thmbdrive in which case trying disconnecting it first and then see what happens. Another thing is that it (MM3) could still be scanning music in your collection. Just my 2 cents.
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