Play song when random mode is ON [F4050]

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What about
Now Playing -> Edit -> Randomize list ?
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Well that would be a solution but then the user has to ramdomize the list manually every time a new playlist is opened.
As I use MM for a multimedia platform in a flat share with different users it would be nice to get those functions automized.

Of course, the ordinary MM random mode would do its job, too, but it has a disadvantage as the button "play selected tracks next" has no effect. I don't know if this can be solved (according to the bug-fix with "play selected tracks immediately" in RC 4) because the player would jump to the next track at random. Therefore I would prefer an automatical randomised list right from the start. Then you can also see which track is played next. Another possibility is an Auto DJ that only selects tracks from the actual playlist.

There are probably several alternatives to get this managed, but each one isn't fully developed (see also discussion Randomise Script
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