Sourcing new icons for skinning

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Sourcing new icons for skinning

Post by SonicNova »

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how are people creating and sourcing icons for their skins. I'm currently tweaking a skin DreadM created for me, and would like to import Helium's icons to this skin and then colorize them to orange to blend with the skin. I tried first copying the Helium icons to an icon folder within my Sonic skin folder but MM won't open, Something's not quite working there so I thought I'd throw this question there on two fronts: where to design and source icons, and possibly why my icon folder is preventing MM from opening. Thanks.
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Re: Sourcing new icons for skinning

Post by rovingcowboy »

by icon's do you mean for the button images?
or for the mm icon's on the task bar or desktop to start the program with?

button images are kept in the skin mmip file and then inside the skins files the mmip file holds.
there are some icons in the the programs folder they are in the data file I think?
if you want to change the skin buttons you have to use the skin editing tool and redo the images.

if you never skinned something then follow the guides on mediamonkey's wiki site there are a few there.
until they change the skinning engine the guides will help you. 8)
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