Cut/Copy Paste Quirks

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Cut/Copy Paste Quirks

Post by PeterCM » Thu May 18, 2017 3:26 pm


When working under the location tree I have noticed a couple of quirks with Cut/Copy and Paste.

Case 1:
Say you have the following structure:

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Select Directory2 and then right click and select cut.
Select Artist, right click and paste will be greyed out.
You can however drag and drop Directory2 onto Artist to get the desired result. I would expect that paste should work as well.

Case 2:
Select a directory in the tree, right click and select cut or copy.
Got to a different directory in the tree. Right click and see if you can paste (you don't have to actually do the paste).
Quite often paste will be greyed out. If you go back and select cut or copy again paste is no longer greyed out. This happens quite often and is quite easy to reproduce.

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Re: Cut/Copy Paste Quirks

Post by Peke » Mon May 22, 2017 2:41 pm

Basically Cut/Copy/Paste should be available only for location folders and not for Artist folder like in your example, while drag and drop (along with holding CTRL/ALT/SHIFT) do a specific Function like Assign/Append Artist,...

Your examples to me looks like normal behavior, but I maybe wrong and you maybe found some hidden bug that I do not see.
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Re: Cut/Copy Paste Quirks

Post by PeterCM » Thu May 25, 2017 8:58 am

I am talking only about the location view. The "Artist" is a folder named for the artist.

Trying to use cut/paste to move Directory1 onto the Artist directory should be greyed (and is) as the directory is already in the location you would be trying to move it to. Trying to drag and drop Directory1 onto the Artist directory also correctly does nothing.

Moving Directory2 to be directly under the Artist directory should be possible and can correctly be done with drag and drop. Cut and paste is incorectly greying out the paste operation. The code to disable cut and paste of Directory1 onto Artist directory is most probably doing so for all nested directories when it should only be greying out at one level deep.

Just create a directory structure like I have indicated and try cut/paste vs. drag/drop and you will see the problem. Cut/paste should always be able to do what drag/drop does.

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