1813 Find ... Playlist can cause crash [-----]

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1813 Find ... Playlist can cause crash [-----]

Post by chrisjj » Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:02 pm

When I do Find More From Same ... Playlist and select one of certain playlists, the tree scrollbar to does a dance of death and and then the app goes Not Responding, as seen here: https://youtu.be/ANP2EpF1k-o

On certain playlists (e.g. the one in the video) it is fully reproducible , and on certain others, I don't recall ever seeing it.

I'd like to show a picture of an affected playlist, but I cannot see the above playlist in the the library. SQLLiteSpy shows it http://i.imgur.com/lS743Ko.png but then it also shows all these http://i.imgur.com/lS743Ko.png which are not visible in the database (probably the result of the MM bug when a playlist is moved to self).

If a Dev would like the MM.DB, please ask.

This on Windows 7 Pro 64-bt, MM unskinned.