PlayList Continuously Shrinks in Unlicensed versino

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PlayList Continuously Shrinks in Unlicensed versino

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I have a lifetime license & I've been trying to get my wife to switch to MM from iTunes for some time now. What better time than when v4 is released? Well, we have a problem that I can't solve and I am pretty sure it is just related to the fact that for now my wife's version is not licensed (and probably won't be unless I can get this thing fixed...). Both of us are using v4.0.0.1459.

When I make a playlist and I move from one song to the next, the songs prior to the one I just switched to stay in the play list. On my wife's PC when I switch to another song (double click in the playlist or clicking on the next arrow in the player or Media Next key or even Ctrl-N), the next file plays but everything in the playlist before then gets erased (i.e., the new song to play becomes #1 on the playlist and the previous ones are gone).

Wife is running 64-bit Win 7 with 8 gb RAM and the above happens whether anything else is running or not.
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Re: PlayList Continuously Shrinks in Unlicensed versino

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I presume you're talking about the Now Playing. In that case check your settings under Tools > Options > Auto-DJ/Now Playing and make sure that Automatically retains ... previous files in Now Playing is set to All.
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