Multi-Threading issues in MM4?

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Multi-Threading issues in MM4?

Post by MDominik13 »

MM4 puts the cursor into wait mode quite frequently when I'm running a background process. For example, I selected several tracks that I wanted to convert to VBR. Whenever the process switched to a new file, the wait cursor would come on and the app would briefly hang a bit. It didn't use to do this in MM3. This may be due to the fact that it's a beta (which I'd understand and apologize in advance if it is).
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Re: Multi-Threading issues in MM4?

Post by paulmt »

This is same for me. I have submitted a debug log showing this occurring on my system.
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Re: Multi-Threading issues in MM4?

Post by rusty »

Hi Dominic / Paulmt,

I tried replicating in build 1346 and cannot (I tried converting 10 tracks Flac-->MP3(vbr)).

If you can still replicate, please let me know what steps/settings you're using.


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