podcast manual synchronization - doesn't work

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podcast manual synchronization - doesn't work

Post by itayhad »

Actually the subject line says it all.
when I manually select podcasts and try to sync it to my ipod nano, it just doesn't work.
the automatically sync is working, but it's no fun.

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Post by Griffccif »

Not sure if this will help but did you go to:
Tools>Options>Portable/Audio Devices, highlight your device and click configure. Click on the Podcast Subscriptions Tap and make sure the podcasts you want to sync are checked.

I don't understand why but some of my podcasts weren't checked.
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Post by itayhad »

thanx for the reply, but i'm talking about manual sync. not the auto sync.
if i check the podcasts where you sugest i control the auto sync.
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Podcasts don't sync manually

Post by rusty »


I tested this and cannot reproduce (dragged tracks from node Podcasts > The onion) directory onto the iPod node.

--> All dragged podcasts appeared on the iPod Nano and played correctly.

Did you use build 1081? Anything else you can add to help reproduce this?

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