Update Lyrics for multiple files

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Update Lyrics for multiple files

Post by NWDreamer »

I don't really care for lyrics and the relatively few tracks that I have that include lyrics probably don't take up too much space, but I like to use "Any text field" in the criteria for auto-playlists and they sometimes find things in the lyrics that I don't care about.

So, I created a playlist of all tracks with lyrics, selected all of them, right-clicked to get into properties, then chose the Lyrics tab and tried to delete all the lyrics (like you would with just about any other field). No luck. Do I really need to delete the lyrics one track at a time or is there a quicker way? I do know about left-clicking a lyrics cell twice slowly to delete the lyrics that way, but it's still one track at a time. I only have about 600 tracks with lyrics (out of over 250,000 tracks), but I'd love a quicker way!

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Re: How do I mass delete lyrics?

Post by NWDreamer »

Ok, tried a few more things, then found an ADDON (Clear Field) that was able to accomplish the task!
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Re: How do I mass delete lyrics?

Post by MMFrLife »

Music > select all > properties > lyrics tab > make sure lyrics field is clear > ok
...doesn't work.
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Re: How do I mass delete lyrics?

Post by Lowlander »

NWDreamer wrote:Do I really need to delete the lyrics one track at a time
Yes, there is no multi-edit for the Lyrics field: http://www.ventismedia.com/mantis/view.php?id=12849

Do note that you can change the Search scope under Tools > Options > Search and disable Lyrics.
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Multiple songs/files - lyrics updates

Post by TLD »


I've several instances where a song is repeated multiple times. However, when updating information for the song, you're unable to update lyrics for multiple selections. (This includes the inability to clear the lyrics from them, unless you're clearing all ID3 tags.)

Can you please make it possible to update multiple selections with the same song lyrics in one of the future versions/updates? Even if you have to agree to it, or get another popup, type "SURE" (like when clearing the database), etc., it would be better than needing to open multiple songs to update the lyrics.

(One example - I have the Red and Blue albums for the Beatles, as well as the Anthologies, and the actual original albums... so might have a song three or more times.)

I know you can copy/paste, but that requires a minimum of five mouse clicks (including paste) for each individual file/song. If you're updating dozens of songs in this manner, that can get rather tedious.

I love this product, and bought the gold lifetime edition shortly after I found it... This could only make things better. :)

Thank you!
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