wtv support

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wtv support

Post by werni »

As "Media Organizer" MediaMonkey should also support wtv-files ("defacto" standard for videos in Windows Media Center)
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Re: wtv support

Post by gggirlgeek »


I am considering MM as my primary video program for my HTPC because they sound is great. Also, Love the new video codecs. The picture seems much better than the first release.

I would need .wtv support for this.

If it helps, VLC plays .wtv files. FFmpeg (and Handbrake) now convert them. Maybe similar solutions can be implemented.
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Re: wtv support

Post by mothball01 »

I concur with adding WTV support - it would be great to have the media management tools of Media Monkey available for my media center dvr files
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Re: wtv support

Post by MoDementia »

Old thread but considering 80% of my video collection is WTV....

What format should I convert them to and still usable in Media Monkey, Plex, Windows Media Centre?
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Re: wtv support

Post by Lowlander »

I'd suggest looking into MP4 or MKV, but I don't know what's best when coming from WTV. MP4 probably has the best software/hardware of all formats, but with video this is more complicated as it's just a container which will contain a video and an audio format.

MediaMonkey and Plex can handle a large variety of formats (Plex will transcode on the fly if a client doesn't, MediaMonkey is unfortunately more limited in this area).
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