Track Properties panel request to show data

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Track Properties panel request to show data

Post by JoePublic » Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:26 am

Here is a feature I keep wishing MM had:

I often edit multiple tracks at a time by highlighting the tracks and opening the Properties panel. It would be very helpful if at least some of the fields would have a different appearance if NONE of the selected tracks had data vs. if multiple tracks had different data. In particular, I wish the Comment field would do this. If none of the selected tracks have a comment, show a blank field (which is what MM does now, using light gray shading). If at least two of the tracks have different pre-existing comment data, display a phrase like [multiple values in selected tracks]. I always have to be careful to scroll thru my track browser list before opening the Properties box for the selected tracks to see what comments are in those tracks. I have on occasion wiped out a comment I wanted because I didn't know I was overwriting data. It's kind of annoying.

There are other fields where this enhancement would be appreciated also, like Involved People and Composer. Actually, it would be nice to have this feature in most of the fields, but I'm restricting my request to the fields I chronically have problems with.

File Path and Filename fields sort of already have this feature. But since we know File Path and Filename will always be populated and of different values for multiple selected tracks, this really isn't the same as what I'm asking for on the other fields, where they might or might not have data present.

A second request is to indicate somehow in the panel if only SOME of the selected tracks have data in a certain field, instead of ALL the tracks. My most frequent example here is Date. For example, if I am editing two tracks, and only ONE of them has a Date filled in, the Properties panel looks exactly the same as the case where they BOTH have the same date filled in. Therefore, I'm uncertain if I need to check the box next to Date so that the track with the blank date gets a value, or if both tracks already have the date and checking the box is unnecessary. Same thing with several other fields, including Comment, Composer, Involved People, Rating, Genre, etc.

These enhancements to MM 4 would made manual editing a little quicker and less prone to error.