MM4: Restore MM3 Ratings Behavior in the Preview Window

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MM4: Restore MM3 Ratings Behavior in the Preview Window

Post by theta_wave » Thu Jan 26, 2012 3:17 am

In the Windows 7 taskbar, it has been possible to rate tracks using controls that show up in the preview window. In MM3, when pressing *+ or *-, the track will be rated 3 or 2.5 (I think) respectively. I think it was fair that the ratings begin in the middle range after clicking either of the two buttons. In MM4, clicking *+ gives a "0.5" rating and *- gives the song a "bomb." Now it requires more clicks (effort) to rate tracks 4 or 5 and considerably less to rate terrible tracks. Why make it harder to rate the tracks a user likes? Vice versa, I would be equally irked if the default settings were "5" and "4.5" for *+ and *-. I believe MM3's middle-ground approach to this issue is a more sensible one that offers the best flexibility.
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Re: MM4: Restore MM3 Ratings Behavior in the Preview Window

Post by JoePublic » Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:44 am

If MM 4 changed in regard to rating tracks as theta_wave says, I am in agreement. Why start at 0.5 or "bomb" instead of a middle value of 3 or 2.5? Don't most users have more highly rated songs in their libraries than "bomb" songs. I don't imagine a lot of users go out of their way to fill their libraries with songs they hate. So it makes sense to retain the old behavior instead of making the starting point be the least likely rating that a user will ultimately apply to a track.

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