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Any ideas about how to improve MediaMonkey? Let us know!

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Post by judas »

I'm backing this too. I was going to say that webmonkey is great for this...i havent played with it but have seen the screenshots and looks great.

That ejukebox its ok..a bit crowded in my opinion, i like cleaner interfaces but the idea is good too. lets hope for this as i have spent A LOT of time looking for the album of each of my tracks and then adding cover art.
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Post by psyXonova »

I also strongly support a "Browse by Album Art" interface. Webmonkey does the job but requires to have your own ASP server, and allthough any windows XP installation can have an asp server its not so easy to set it up and also opens a lot of secutity risks, so i wouldnt recomended it for home installations.
A local approach should be established....
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Post by Lowlander »

WebMonkey has a lot less features then MM. It doesn't pretend to replace MM locally. It is more useful for sharing music on a network or over the internet. Actually it can be setup for many diferent uses.

Security shouldn't be a big issue if you set things up right. And yes all latest versions of windows can serve as webserver for ASP pages. You'll need to set up the IIS. Regular Windows version will have a limit in the quantity of connections they can support.

I certainly enjoy the album art browsing that WebMonkey has. I hope MM can implement something like this in the future.
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Post by Morten »

I supported a "Browse by album art" IN MediaMonkey... Not with WebMonkey.
Like psyxonova said. I agree with him!

Post by alix90 »

yes that looks great
hoping this is implemented in teh future

I'm also one of the few

Post by Peabody »

I'm one of those wacked-out folks that went to the trouble of putting in album art with each of my selections. Twice. (The previous application I used put album images in a non-standard place in WMA files. _IT_ found them again, but no other application could.

That said, I appreciate any efforts that make use of the album art, including browsing and producing a printed/PDF catalog with artwork.
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Post by Lowlander »

Printing is possible with scripts in the new MM 2.5 (still in beta). Another example for a catalog is my webmonkey project that will allow you to navigate your library online.
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good idea

Post by wallstreetwalker »


that would be another motivation for me to finally complete all the tagging

Post by Guest »

One more vote for browsing by album art. Important to have the thumbnails AND the text available at the same time.

This would be a huge addition...

Post by Guest »

Yes, something similar to for iTunes would be great...this would really make MM the killer music app !
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Post by Tylast »

I'm definitely for the Artwork Browser. I've got over 1000 pics of my Vinyl Jackets that are dying to be used. It'd be nice if the browser could be filtered by Genre or year span [like 1995-98] or even two filters at the same time. Double clicking the pics should bring up the Album with list in the right & pic at the bottom left. :wink:
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Post by trixmoto »

I have written a script called "Advanced Report" - this will soon include album art so watch that thread! :)
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Why are we being put off on the date when browse by album

Post by orb9220 »

I am getting a bit annoyed to see about the inclusion of the ability to browse library by album art being put off for over 6 mos now.

People have been asking. Developers making promises will be in next release.

Well I have seen about 4 or 5 release on Betanews for the last 3 month's at least.

Will somebody give a true and accurate time table for this.

I can live with well we don't see it happening in the next few month's.
as opposed to yea it will be in the next release sort of thing.

Anybody else feel like this?

Post by Guest »

I'm a user, like yourself. To be fair to the MM team, the latest versions now in beta include new functionality which can facilitate this. As Trixmoto pointed out above, he's written a script which makes use of this. And very promising it is.

I'm sure that it won't be long now.

Hopefully, one of the developers will drop a line on this here as soon as they have the opportunity.
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Post by Lowlander »

They dropped a line in another forum item mentioning the next release. I assume they mean 2.6 not the upcomming 2.5.2.
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