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Re: ID3v2.4

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nohitter151 wrote:
mwcem wrote:
nohitter151 wrote:Many mp3 players don't read ID3v2.4 tags, but pretty much everything can understand ID3v2.3.
This may have been true in 2008, but today, seven years later, no modern player has troubles with ID3v2.4. Maybe some outdated ones still ignore that format, but that's why the are outdated. No modern player to my knowledge has any troubles with that format, on the contrary. Most of them are able to read more exotic stuff like itunes-tags and others as well.

The decission - though on purpose - not to support the ID3v2.4 standard, keeps MM in its outdates place. A modern software should offer tagging on a most broad scale and diversity. See "Mp3Tag" or "Helium Music Manager" for example.
People still use those old players though.

As long as we agree...let them select older tag formats instead of forcing everyone to live in the past with them.
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Re: ID3v2.4

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Just a bump hoping to keep this out there till it gets resolved.
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Re: ID3v2.4

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Any confirmation if writing ID3v2.4 tags will be implemented in version 5?

I mainly use MM for tagging my files that get read by KODI. Now multiple genres are not split in Kodi. With v2.4 tags this would be resolved.

Even more important is that my car audio system can read v2.4 tags And they seem to be the only way to be able to get de mulitple artists and Mutiple genres processed correctly.

Really hope this will make it in version5.

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Re: ID3v2.4

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Yes, will be in MM5.

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