Column widths growing in Podcast view

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Column widths growing in Podcast view

Post by Alverant »

I'm using the Metro M skin and when I select different folders under Podcasts in List view I notice that the widths of the columns grow a little bit. It's annoying to keep adjusting them. Is there a way to stop it or is the bug going to be addressed later?
I have the Title, Artist, Date, Path, Length, Filesize, Played columns in that order and it looks like the Artist column is the one getting bigger, but don't quote me on that.
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Re: Column widths growing in Podcast view

Post by Lowlander »

Which build of MediaMonkey 5 (Help > About) are you using? Several issues with this Skin have been fixed, so please try build 2415 if you're not using it already: ... 86639&sd=d
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