Listening preview using waveforms [#16236]

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Listening preview using waveforms [#16236]

Post by paulonl » Fri Jan 03, 2020 9:07 am


I'm using Rekordbox (RB) for DJing and use MM5 for library management and selection of tracks and creating playlists. This requires previewing large numbers of tracks, skipping through each track listening several seconds here and there to determine whether the tracks suits the playlist I'm creating.

Rekordbox has a really cool feature for this in their track browser. Each track is listed with it's waveform and just clicking on a waveform will trigger a playback from the point where you clicked.

Playback happens simultaneously with the track(s) currently playing on the deck(s). In RB the clicked track actually plays on the headphones while the main track plays on the master out. In an MM5 scenario both audio streams could be output to the same audio channel, or a second channel could be supported but I would find that less necessary. Speed of previewing tracks is really what I'm looking for.

The RB functionality is described in the 1st minute of this video:

- Paulo

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Re: Feature Request - Listening preview using waveforms

Post by Ludek » Fri Jan 03, 2020 11:12 am

Hi, sounds like a cool feature to speed up previewing, added as (with 5.1 target)

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