Image Search Browse Location / Album Image Location [#17771]

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Image Search Browse Location / Album Image Location [#17771]

Post by IanRTaylorUK »

For artists / composers and publishers, when the BROWSE... button is click in the lower left of the image search pop-up, could the "default location" be set more appropriately. So with Abba selected, perhaps the location for the "Normal" installation would be something like:


and for the "Portable" installation it does this almost as expected i.e.

C:\MediaMonkey 5 2336\Portable\ArtistImages\a

but the lowest folder is always A whether Abba, Beatles or Yes selected

I am referring to when image tiles are displayed for Artists / Composers / Publishers are displayed and you right click to "Lookup Image"

Interestingly, if you do the same for Albums you browse to the same locations. Perhaps this need to be the "Album" folder(s). This is a little more difficult to predict I guess as it will depend on how the user structures their library. For example, I use \Music\Artist\Album\

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Re: Image Search Browse Location / Album Image Location

Post by Ludek »

Thanks for reporting, it really works inconsistently now and should be tuned,
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