Great same source comparison files Wav/flac/DSD/mp3

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Great same source comparison files Wav/flac/DSD/mp3

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''Impromptu'' was recorded live directly to DSD using the Tascam DA-3000 DSD recorder and simultaneously to PCM with the RME UFX.

Microphones and preamps:
Microphones: Piano: Neumann TLM 170 (2x), Bass: JZ V67, Room: Sonodore RCM-402 (2x)
Micpre's: Neve 4081 quad pre-amp

''When the audience is so close to the musicians, a synergy occurs. The audience becomes part of the music making and help spur the musicians on to great heights...Tony Overwater and Bert van den Brink had not performed together as a duo before, and no rehearsal had taken place prior to the Rhapsody concert, but the music these two masters of improvisation created that sunny afternoon in Rhapsody, is simply breathtaking.''

Tony Overwater & Bert van den Brink - Impromptu

''Oblivion'' and ''Thousand Shades of Blue'' were performed live in the studio, recorded in multi track PCM 96kHz. The DSD conversion was done via
an analog signal chain, using state of the art professional equipment to the Tascam DA-3000 DSD recorder.

Microphones and preamps:
Microphones: Main: Schoeps MK5 (2x), Voc: Audix SCX-25, Drums: SE Rn17 (2x), Neumann U47, Bass: JZ V67, Guitar: Audio Technica 4080.
Micpre's: RME Micstacy, Neve 4081 quad pre-amp

''The musicians were placed in front of a stereo pair of microphones with additional spot microphones on each instrument. The musicians were playing with out headphones,creating a natural and musical balance easily captured by the main stereo pair of microphones. Because of the natural and musical balance the need for compression to control levels was not necessary, and with the musicians playing simultaneously in the same room, the boxed sound, which is so common in many modern recordings, is absent.''

Carmen Gomes Inc. - Thousand Shades of Blue
Andre Heuvelman - After Silence