Sorry to say... but i hate mm4

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Sorry to say... but i hate mm4

Post by robojock » Tue Aug 09, 2011 5:09 pm

As the title says, when i started using mm back in the days it was version 2, i fell in love with it and bought it. As the years went by mm got better and better, i loved mm up to version 3... Now i don't know what happened? :( I loved mm because it was a great tool for my music collection until the devs decided to add video functionality, i understand their whole idea of adding video playback and organizing but i dont want that, i just want something that can handle my large library as previous versions did. I have my favourite program to watch videos with and i would like to keep it that way, not really bothered about tagging video files because i have a filename system in place which makes it easy for me to search a particular video. I use a different program to keep info on the videos which downloads the info from and stores it in database. I dont wanna go through a list of options (in mm and in windows 7 under default programs to deselect which files mm4 can associate with and which ones it can't, i want to know that if i open mm it will just do my audio files and thats it. There are some programs out there that do handle small libraries of audio and video files nicely, like WMP12, maybe mm can "learn" from them?

Lets see what you people say, probably gonna get bashed for this, but its just my opion :P

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Re: Sorry to say... but i hate mm4

Post by nohitter151 » Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:14 pm

If you don't want to use MM4 for video, then don't. No one is forcing you to. Reading through your post your only real complaint seems to be:
robojock wrote: I dont wanna go through a list of options (in mm and in windows 7 under default programs to deselect which files mm4 can associate with and which ones it can't, i want to know that if i open mm it will just do my audio files and thats it.
That's not a problem, since you can associate directly from the MM options and there is a parent node to only select audio file types at Options > OS integration.
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Re: Sorry to say... but i hate mm4

Post by Lowlander » Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:12 pm

robojock wrote: like WMP12, maybe mm can "learn" from them?
Like what?

For me MM4 seems pretty much the same as MM3 when it comes to music. Video and DLNA have been added which I'm enjoying a lot, but when it comes to music nothing much has changed since MM3 and actually the similarity of MM4 to MM3 is somewhat disappointing. I wouldn't have minded to see some additional tags users have been asking for, some more advanced options for AutoPlaylists like the much requested AND and OR capability, and the ability to tag more tags including Album Art before ripping.
With the addition of video I would have loved to have seen the HTPC mode which would be a browsing mode especially adapted for couch/remote surfing.

I have to agree with Nohitter151 that I don't see the complaint here as the new features don't get in the way and the old features pretty much work the same.
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Re: Sorry to say... but i hate mm4

Post by nynaevelan » Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:59 am

I too would have like to see some additional functionality added to the music portion of MM4, especially where it comes to playlists, I think MM is seriously lacking in the playlist area. And while I was not a supporter of the video functionality, I am enjoying it. But as has already been stated, you do not need to use the portions of MM that you do not want to. So far my experience has been pretty positive, as with any new software there were some small problems, but nothing that has wanted me to abandon MM.

As to the OS integration and it's associations, even when MM was just music management I still had to tweak which files MM has the rights to.

And yes you are entitled to your opinion, though I do not agree there is anything MM needs to learn from WMP, I would love to know why you feel that way.

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Re: Sorry to say... but i hate mm4

Post by rovingcowboy » Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:47 pm

robojock i too am leaning towards not using mm4. for me its cause i can't get the skins to work or to even show me
the one mini player thats a must for me if skins don't work i can't see any need in using it. mm 3 does the job of playing music for me just fine.

i am testing video on mm 4 i would have to change all my file names and all the links to the videos i have
which i made shortcuts to each one before that i could just click and have it open in another player but if the skins
get working in mm 4 changing the file name and the links to make it work in mm 4 instead of the other player is not
going to be hard at all.

but i can see that not wanting to change from the program that gets the info from imdb is a very good idea.
as for now i'd have to say stay with mm 3 until mm 4 has its bugs worked out. there are a lot of them that seem to be showing up all of a sudden in mm 4.

not sure if its m$ that is the cause or not because they just released their monthly updates.
and i'm just now getting them hoping it will fix my errors? 8)
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Re: Sorry to say... but i hate mm4

Post by sirandar » Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:52 pm

I wouldn't say I hated MM4, but I didn't like it enough to keep it .... I reverted back to MM3

Besides a few glitches, there was nothing really wrong with MM4 and the Tabs could be useful under certain conditions BUT there just wasn't enough new for music playing and cataloging that would make me accept the glitches in MM4 (that will be fixed I am sure)

The improvements for music playing and cataloging I would have like would be

1) A new mode/skin just for viewing and controlling MM at a distance. Lots of people have big monitors and have MM3 controlled by some kind of remote BUT you can't see any of the text at a distance because it is so small. DreadM wrote a neat version of his Vision skin that partially fixes this, but it would be nice and relatively easy to make a new player screen that can display everything including lyrics in very large fonts in a attractive way. Something like Windows Media Center 7

2) MM needs it own customizable lyrics viewer that does not depend on Internet Explorer

3) Tagging tracks from the main library view is very finicky and needlessly frustrating. For example, changing a track rating from 5 to 4 stars can require up to 5 clicks of the mouse because the stars are small and the target zone to actually select 4 stars even smaller. Trying to do this on a large monitor at high rez can be very frustrating.
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Re: Sorry to say... but i hate mm4

Post by Pman » Mon Aug 15, 2011 2:02 pm

You shouldn't judge MM4 until all the bugs are ironed out and when it gets released officially!
I would have to disagree with a lot of you when it comes to MM4 and not having many new features.

I’ve been using MM4 since around April time and yes I would agree its buggy and can be a bit frustrating at times when MM4 can't do the simplest of tasks but I do prefer it over MM3. Why, well i just like how much quicker it is compared to MM3, how skins just look so much more amazing, the tab system is genius, I have much better control on my Album Artwork, tagging is so much quicker and more efficient.

Yeh ok, video isn't something im using with MM4 at the moment because I have everything categorised in their own folders and stuff, plus MM4 isn’t smooth yet, but the auto-organising feature would greatly come in handy with videos and having the ability to watch all vids on one system is very clever.
I know some say there’s not been many major improvements, well MM from the beginning was already good and the rest up to MM4 have seen subtle changes that have made it all the more better.

If you want MM4 to be better, you should try and help out and report bugs. I think you should also respect the devs a bit more for the hard work they do because these guys work day and night in and around there working life just to make MM going and they do such a brilliant job trying to invent new things and fix a bunch of stuff. So stop moaning and let the devs do their jobs!

Rant over :lol:
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