pandora v lastfm ?

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pandora v lastfm ?

Post by doublejay »

i'm a big fan of pandora. the simplicity, ease of use and quality mean i've not looked at last fm.

should i ? i'm not particularly excited by the "social" elements"
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Post by JCfantasy23 »

If you like Pandora, you should certainly jump on It's more advanced with many other options to find new music. Just ignore the social elements if you're not interested in that aspect.
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Post by gtbuzz »

Get a little of both:

Listen to openpandora and record it to I'd like to figure out a) how to integrate this into MM and b) possibly get it to record to ilike as well.
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If you like Pandora

Post by grillmeister7 »

try Been using it for months.

They are (sometime) going to a pay-for-ad-free custom channels. PC Magazine compared it to Pandora &,1759,2162930,00.asp
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