MediaMonkey Album Art Syncronization

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MediaMonkey Album Art Syncronization

Post by Vikiller94 » Sat Apr 06, 2019 5:15 am

Hello everyone,

I have a problem by syncronizing music with MediaMonkey Mobile.
Here is my problem.

My PC, which is connected to NAS, all music is tagged with an image rooted in my folder Z:\Image (NAS Server)
Everything works fine on PC and all music has got an image.

On my phone I installed FolderSync Pro, which syncs automatically my music from NAS to my SD-Card in phone during my PC is off (MediaMonkey syncs only when the PC is ON). It does perfectly.

Now the problem appears: When I go to MediaMonkey Mobile 75% of my music (roughly 460 mp3s) have an image and 25% not. (By the way, all images were tagged manually)
I also delete all Folder.jpg because they destroy the structure of my library.

My wish is: How can I tell MediaMonkey Mobile that it should take all album arts from one special folder means this one (Z:\Image) like on PC and NOT that it creates duplicates in album folder with the name "Folder.jpg".

I really want that FolderSync syncs my Musicdatabase from Z:\Image (NAS) to Android SD-Card automatically and that MediaMonkey has no conflicts with that when I sync it afterwards with MediaMonkey Sync.

Kind regards,


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Re: MediaMonkey Album Art Syncronization

Post by Lowlander » Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:45 pm

You can't, Artwork files are expected in the Albums file's folder. You'll find that your setup will be a lot of work if you move to a different software or a different MediaMonkey as you need to manually re-associate the Artwork with the Album files. This isn't the case if Artwork is in the same folder as the files for that Album.

MediaMonkey can sync the Artwork for you, it can sync as external Artwork file or embedded Artwork into the media file.
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