Do I have to sync? Am I transferring files wrong?

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Do I have to sync? Am I transferring files wrong?

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So I set everything up in Media Monkey on Windows, and place it on my SD card, which I them put in my phone. The way I'm currently doing this is by just putting the SD card in the computer and copying files over using Windows Explorer. Is there any reason that I shouldn't do this? I don't really feel like syncing over WiFi for multiple reasons, but all I see is people syncing their files that way. Is there any benefit to this method over the method I'm using, with the exception of the fact that I don't have to mess around with the SD card?
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Re: Do I have to sync? Am I transferring files wrong?

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yes there is a benefit to that. Windows explorer copy only do file copy, not playlists and extended metadata. With WiFi Sync you can actually do the direct Bi directional sync to MMW which means Files, Metadata, Playlists, Playcounts. Many of us have synced one file over WiFi so that Sync Profile is certainly created on MMW and then Put teh SDcard into PC to Sync rest of tracks due the speed of transfer especially as MMW will recognize the sync profile. Finally just to confirm we initiate another WiFi Sync (takes only few minutes) to be sure that WiFi is set and then just do update sync over WiFi.

This I also made it work in My Android HeadUnit in car so each time I park MMA Sync New tracks to HeadUnit over WiFi so next time I drive I have new tracks to listen.
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