MMA not recognizing files after copying to new sd card

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MMA not recognizing files after copying to new sd card

Post by TroubleClef » Sun Jun 04, 2017 9:24 pm

I replaced the sd card on my tablet, by simply copying all contents of the old card to the new one via my PC. Now MM is all mixed up. Each time I restart it asks for sd card permissions. It shows all the albums and songs on my playlist, but only a few contain album art. There are also duplicate tracks, some are grayed out and those don't play. Also the ratings are shown only on the grayed out tracks.

I haven't synced to MMW for fear the lost ratings and album art would screw up the library there.

I hope someone can help me resolve this, thanks!

Im using MMA beta version

I reported a log aND got this I'd EXJRBPU4AN.
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Problem after changing SD cards

Post by bramish » Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:27 am

I have a Samsung Galaxy Neo Grand and have been running Media Monkey from the SD card, which is where all my music and playlists were synced to.

I bought a bigger SD card to use, uninstalled MMA from my phone before switching them, and then re-installed it on the new SD card. Previous playlists and tracks all show up but greyed out, which I'd expected since they were all on the card I removed.

So I synced to the new card. Syncing went through for all 400+ tracks, with no errors, and they are definitely on the card, but the tracks are still greyed out and unplayable. Any ideas?

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