auto scrolling lyrics for MMA?

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auto scrolling lyrics for MMA?

Post by mynetdude » Fri Apr 22, 2016 8:59 pm

I've tried to do a little digging and I've made a post for the MMW version which you can see here: ... =1&t=84658

I'm spoiled with the musixmatch Lyrics overlay but sadly doesn't work with MMA I don't think due to API requirements which is too costly?

Are there any options? How about being able to sync the lyrics when the songs are synced to the phone for offline playback? I know I can use MXM to ID the songs (and then I think it will play lyrics after that, but with spotify you don't have to do that, it just knows and howcome poweramp can use musixmatch and MMA can't? Would there be an option to let me playback songs via Poweramp that came from MMA? (I guess that kinda defeats the point does it?)