Ogg files can not be scanned into the library

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Ogg files can not be scanned into the library

Post by Shouty »

Hi everyone!

I am a long time user of Media Monkey and lately I downloaded the charm version from the (japanese) windows store.
The main reason I downloaded it, because unlike the xbox music, it supports ogg files.
And there is where the problem arises.
I can play back the ogg files with the soft as long as I open them directly through Windows, but I can not import them into the music library inside the software.
By default the soft simply ignores the ogg files I have in my music folder. And if I choose to scan an individual folder with oggs in it through the settings, nothing happens.
Everything works fine with mp3s, but nothing happens at all with oggs. I tried scanning files both from the local drive and a micro sd card reader.

By the way, I am on an Asus Vivo Note 8
Thank yoy for help in advance.