MM stops playback

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MM stops playback

Post by tomt39 »

I have been having issues with MM since my last phone software update on 08/08/2020 (Samsung Note 8). First I was getting crashes like others have reported. After updating to latest build this was corrected. Now MM stops playback after a short time. This is an ongoing problem whether screen is on or off.
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Re: MM stops playback

Post by Lowlander »

Send a debug log from About right after you experience this and reply here with the logID.
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Re: MM stops playback

Post by svetter »

Similar issue.

Stops playback shortly after it is not the active onscreen application.

Stops playback when it is active on screen application & phone goes to lock screen

Can I prevent mm from going to lock screen if mm is the active application?
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Re: MM stops playback

Post by Peke »

Go to Settings -> Apps -> MediaMonkey -> Permissions/Advanced and enable MM running in background.
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