Playlist on device not updated correctly after synch

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Playlist on device not updated correctly after synch

Post by wxdude »

I have one auto-playlist on my device that is a subset ( 3 GB max) of songs rated 5*.

Before starting the synch there were 193 tracks on the device
Synch started and MMA prompted to delete 161 tracks, all were selected and removed from device
There were 175 tracks to download.

After the 175 tracks were downloaded, MMA displayed that 1 playlist was updated. Viewing the playlists on the device it shows 207 tracks (175 + 32 not deleted)

All appears to be good, except MMA starts thinking (spinning arrow) and then displays the playlist has 32 tracks! All 207 tracks are on the device however.

The only way to make this work correctly is to delete the playlists in "internal storage/playlists" before starting the synch.

Pixel 3aXL running Android 10(QQ2A.200305.002)
MM5.0.0.2233 portable
Debug log RC69Q9Z8WL