Feature Request - Sleep Timer Options

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Feature Request - Sleep Timer Options

Post by Wilber »

I have my Android plugged into a little electronics setup next to my bed, which feeds a pillow speaker, and I listen to mp3 audio books when going to sleep.

The two sleep options

1) Fade Out &
2) Play Last Track Completely

are very handy, but for Audiobook and Old Time Radio (OTR) listeners, there is one more that would be Very Very handy:

3) Play Next 1-9 Tracks

Where a drop down would offer the choice of tracks 1,2,3...9 to listen to then go to sleep.

(Actually, only One track is required, but I'm thinking outside the box. It needs to be easy, because it is accessed whilst laying down in the dark)

Here is why I submit this request:

Audiobooks and OTR tracks are 20 or 30 minutes long, so having MM go to sleep at the end of the current track (1) or the next track (2 Tracks) would be Very Nice!

Please consider my request,