Music Video's in MMA

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Music Video's in MMA

Post by denbartman »


I use mma to put video clips on the tablet of the kids and I have a few questions about video clip support in mma.

* Why isn't there a music video node in mma. (As there is in the windows version). Could this be added in a future version.

* It seems not to be possible to browse through the video clip list by artist. Could this be added in a future version.

* Video clips (and video's) with pixel aspect ratio different from 1 are displayed incorrect. In the windows version and on other android players they play fine.
This is the same problem as described in ... =7&t=73038 but now on the android version.
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Re: Music Video's in MMA

Post by dtsig »

You are running into some of the incomplete bits of MM when dealing with videos. It really isn't understanding the differences between vid (& tv) and music. The addition of a Music Video for MMA would be nice. For videos Artists become .. director I think.

Hopefully at some point the video (movies, tv and music vids) will become more defined in MMA and MMA
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