Click/tick sound between songs

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Re: Click/tick sound between songs

Post by rusty »

The the clicks on the GS4, do they occur with the Samsung player as well (I don't think that it would make sense to fix a problem endemic to the device within MM) ?

p.s.: we test with GS3, GS5 devices and don't observe this problem. strange...


Re: Click/tick sound between songs

Post by Noxygen »

I'm experiencing this problem on my S3, too.
I guess it's happening when the device is resetting it's audio engine or shutting it off after 1-3 seconds of silence and that is what makes this "click"-sound. It doesn't matter if it's a track-change or just pausing/stopping playback. After a short amount of time the background noise stops with this click.
Some other audio players seem to be able to fade-out this noise before the shutoff or reset. But even there it's happening now and then.

I should also mention that I'm using the ArchiDroid ROM based on Android 4.4 (KitKat).
It would be interesting to know if the other guys in this thread have a custom ROM, too. That might explain why you can't reproduce this issue.
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Re: Click/tick sound between songs

Post by bettertthan74 »

I am on a T-mobile note 4. Stock rom but rooted. I noticed the issue when I installed a sound enhancement viper4android. I have been using Mediamonkey and viper4android on my s4 for years and hadn't noticed the issue. I will try it on my S4 tonight.

I can only reproduce the issue if I install viper4android, let it install it's driver and enable it. Disabling the viper4android and setting sound to samsung's soundalive makes the clicks go away

The sound is very loud when I use bluetooth and mediamonkey. It's very faint when I use a wired headset and mediamonkey. I've tried a few other players and the noise is still there. I agree that it sounds like the sound is being turned off and turned back on when a song is playing and you skip to another song.

Let me know what your sound settings are and I'll copy them and see if I can reproduce the sound without Viper4android on a stock 4.4.4 Note 4.

I've also posted about this in the XDA thread for viper4android and they had me check some cpu settings but all 4 of my CPU's are running when I listen to music and above 1000 ..
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