About MediaMonkey for Android

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About MediaMonkey for Android

Post by BucketHead »

No one has mentioned ratings...I was really hoping for 1/2 star ratings and "nice rating system" was mentioned in the 12 page thread. Future release?

To be greedy, would like to see a "play to" feature that would work like the Onkyo app, which will play android tunes to either MM or my Onkyo receiver.
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Re: About MediaMonkey for Android

Post by rovingcowboy »

Complaints and bugs and requests do not belong in an about thread, stop filling up this thread with them. They should be in the beta test forum room for the mma.
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Re: About MediaMonkey for Android

Post by jiri »

Note that 1/2 star ratings are already implemented in the released beta, they also bidirectionally sync with MM for Windows.

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