Can it function like I want it to?

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Can it function like I want it to?

Post by Abaddon »

I have a large collection of music on my PC.

I have paid for Gold, and paid for the Pro App on my Android Phone. Frankly ridiculous after years of iTunes doing all this for free.. but here we are!

I can't simply tell it to sync my whole collection, its many times bigger than my phone. I also don't want to go through selecting albums and tracks though.. again too long winded.

I can tell it to sync my playlists.. so I have at least a few thousand songs. Done

But what if I am not at home and want more? Will my phone be able to stream the songs on my PC (on if turned on?)
Can I select songs that are on my PC.. and they will then be downloaded and stored on my phone for future use?

The music that ended up on my phone gathered over time as I wanted to listen to it.
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Re: Can it function like I want it to?

Post by dtsig »

I believe you are asking if you can play music from you pc to your phone if you are not at home. No .. dlna requires you to be on the same network to play
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Re: Can it function like I want it to?

Post by Lowlander »

DLNA itself is not designed for this, but it can be done: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=75088
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