Reading Tags of Files not in Library

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Reading Tags of Files not in Library

Post by pgrimmer »

I know there is an easy answer to this and it probably has been discussed many times here but I can't seem to find it...

I only add files to my library after the tags have been cleaned up. I have VBA code that I wrote for Excel where I can read and write tags using the MediaMonkey scripting (actually accessing the COM object via VBA but it is very close to scripting but with some advantages). I know about getting info from playlists and that works okay. What I would like to do is to be able to feed a path to a file (MP3, Flac, etc.) and then use the scripting system to read/write the tags from/to the file regardless of whether the file is currently in the library. Can I do that directly or do I need to make a playlist, put the file in the playlist and then read it from there? If that is the route, other than the active window playlist in the MyComputer node, can I have files in this playlist that are not already in the MM library?

On a related topic, once I get the random file so I can access the tags, how can I tell if the file/song is already in my library? I know that has to be easy too... Thanks.